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How to remove popcorn texture or acoustic texture

    The process of removing texture is very messy and requires careful preparation.  Wrapping the room in plastic is necessary to keep the mess off of furniture, woodwork, painted walls and flooring.  Lightly dampening the ceiling with water makes scrapping easier and keeps the dust minimal.

How to Paint Textured Ceilings

   Painting textured ceilings is a great way to make your home Bright and new again.  The best way is to use an airless sprayer to achieve a nice even coat without ever touching the fragile texture.  This requires a fair amount of prep work to contain the mess of spraying indoors.  The prep work consists of covering all surfaces not being painted with plastic including lighting, furniture, floor and walls. 

How to Paint Aluminum or Galvanized Steel Siding

    When painting previously painted aluminum or galvanized steel siding, the prep work is very important to ensure proper adhesion of coating. The process consists of power washing and scrubbing all surface areas with a detergent to remove all dirt, grease, oil and chalk. Primer is needed on any areas where aluminum or galvanized steel is exposed.  An oil based primer should be used because latex primers contain ammonia which reacts with aluminum over time creating failure of primer and paint. The use of an airless sprayer ensures a smooth factory like finish. A low luster or satin finish acrylic latex paint will have your house looking like you had new siding installed.

How to Paint Vinyl Siding

With proper prep work and a premium acrylic latex paint, vinyl siding can be painted at a fraction of the cost of new siding. Proper prep work consists of light scrubbing and power washing with a vinyl siding concentrate. After allowing adequate time to dry, the siding is ready for paint. In most cases, one even coat using the highest quality acrylic latex paints with an airless sprayer is all it takes to achieve coverage. Vinyl siding has a very high expansion and contraction rate. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you do not use a color darker than the existing siding color. A darker color will speed up the rate of expansion causing siding to buckle and paint to fail. Most paint suppliers now offer a vinyl safe paint with a manufacturer warranty. 

How to Stain a Deck

    When considering staining your deck, the most important thing to determine is if the wood is dry. If the moisture levels in the wood are too high the stain will fail. A good power washing with conditioner and light sanding, where needed, is what it takes to properly prepare a deck for stain. If your deck has been previously stained and stain has failed horribly, stripping and sanding is required to remove old failed stain. When the wood is dry you can begin the first coat. The first coat will soak in completely and look dull. Every additional coat will add shine and help protect from weather and foot traffic.  The use of a brush is the best way to work stain in and reduce mess.

How to Paint Stucco and Masonry

     Painting stucco in northern climates is a little different than warm dry climates. Stucco is a permeable material that means it needs to breathe in order to do its job effectively.  The use of masonry stain or flat acrylic paint is the recommended material for stucco surfaces. Using non-permeable coatings will be more likely to blister and peel due to there low permeability. Another thing to consider is the ph level of your masonry surface to avoid what is called ph burn.  A ph level of 7-10 is the desired ph level to apply any type of coating.  A ph level of 7 is considered neutral and 10 slightly alkaline. A masonry surface should be left to cure for an extended amount of time before any coating should be applied.

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